Introducing Messe Radio

I'm happy to announce an addition to the family of shows: Messe Radio. Messe Radio is an awesome show from WMSE Milwaukee. Pete Rohde, the host of Messe Radio, describes his show best: The vast majority of Music you hear on Messe Radio is new, even to me.… read more

Bhi Bhiman - Rhythm & Reason

R&B and rock 'n roll infused with grassroots ideas and diverse soundscapes. ‘Moving to Brussels’ introduces the album with fierce force. Bhiman’s sound is soulful and funky, pulling some inspiration from the likes of Motown and Stax Records. In terms of comparing his sound to his other… read more

A Conversation With Matt of The Space-Mind Continuum

Matt Crook, the mastermind behind The Space-Mind Continuum, speaks with Brett Stewart about the 60's, 70's, and taking on the persona of a DJ up to his eyeballs in chemical refreshment. Taking a look at your playlists, it's clear that you have a firm grasp of the late 60's and… read more

Ever wondered what Psychedelic-Sci-fi music sounds like?

Estradaphere is a band that mixes and blends genres in ways I never thought possible. I discovered them through listening to the November 20th, 2014 playlist from Leveling. According to wikipedia, they are the self-proclaimed creators of weird genres such as "Psychedelic-Sci-fi", "Romanian Gypsy-Metal", and "Bulgarian Surf". Listen to them… read more

Four Rad Songs

I've discovered some of my new favorite songs via I'd love to share them with you. Bobbie Gentry - "Slow Cookin" Bobbie Gentry was a 60's bombshell who was one of the first female country musicians to write and produce her own material. This b-side is one of… read more